Writing. The sessions. Why.

Writing. The sessions. Why.

by Martin Thim

Silence is death. As long as politicians and decision makers lack ambition and won’t make the needed changes, we have to continue pushing forward. So even though parts of this book are not unique or new, the voice and content is important enough to keep me going. This is my calling.

I am a slow writer and thus, this has been far from an easy process. At the same time, I am easily inspired and continue to find new things that I could add or use in the book in some way. But from the very beginning, I wanted this to be equal part book (in a classic sense) and visual project – because that’s how I think. So I decided to stop and hand it over to my partners in walk.agency for them to develop the visual language around the whole concept.

I would never have been able to complete nor produce something satisfying without the help from my Frederikke. She must have read this, commented and told me “that’s a postulate, you have to back it up”, ten times over, not to mention all the help on research.

My friend Erlend Høyersten has also been a great help both reading the manus and helping out with the visual direction.