These are meant to be short, powerful and easy-to-read stories from people who make a difference. Personally, I often focus on the big issues – and in my book, I thus try to describe both the big picture and the big solutions.

I recently learned that part of me is what is called a problem-seller, meaning that I see all these issues all over the world and bundle them into
one big issue.

The opposite of that is a problem-solver and such people are the focus of these interviews because solvers take an issue and break it down to “small” solvable chunks. We need that focus and we need those stories to be part of the larger solutions – simply, we need the people interviewed in this series.

  1. Story #1

    Story #1

    by Martin Thim

    In this story you will meet Thomas Brorsen of POND Global, creators of one of The World’s Most Advanced Bioplastic which is made in Aarhus, Denmark. POND enable companies to replace planet-toxic materials with 100% plant-based materials that are 100% biodegradable.
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