This book is a wake-up call for those still sleeping and a provocative, frightening, but also hopeful approach to a different direction for the world than the one we are going in today. A future where we let go of old thinking and systems that today are keeping us locked in thought and action.

The book should be seen as the foundation for a wider project that will unfold in the coming years. In order to succeed with that, founder and author Martin Thim Tømmergaard have joined forces with a group of talented people.

Meet the team

About the author

Martin Thim Tømmergaard is an experienced founder and strong entrepreneurship professional with a demonstrated history of working with sustainable development. Martin was a founding partner of Denmarks first sustainability agency, WorldPerfect, in 2009. He left WorldPerfect in 2016 to focus on own projects, like the ongoing city development project Kulbroen in Aarhus, along with a variety of activities, all with sustainability at the core. Today he is Partner & Sustainability Manager at DTD, working to further one of the world’s leading festivals on sustainability, NorthSide Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinthim/ 

Frederikke Thim Tømmergaard

It is quite simple: This book would never have been finished without the support from Frederikke. She has been helping out since the very beginning and has kept reading, feedbacking, writing and researching to the very end. 


Walk has been part of this project since 2019 and plays a key role in how this book has turned out and all the additional elements that will follow. Walk takes care of all visual elements, design, graphics, layouts, prints and much more. They are simply amazing. 

Check out walk.agency

Nikolaj Landrock

Nikolaj takes care of the shop and all things digital and has been a great support since he joined the team in 2020.