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Experienced international speaker. 

You can book Martin Thim Tømmergaard for a talk, a panel-discussion or interview, the content of which will always be adapted to the circumstances and focus of the event. 

Martin has presented his work and delivered talks in across Italy, Belgium, Norway, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany ++. If you want to book Martin for talks outside Denmark, please get in touch. 

Each booking includes 10 copies of the book for e.g. participants or employees. Extra books can be ordered and delivered.

Upcoming talks: 

GPT CUP, Thursday 2nd November, Oslo, Norway. 

AUDI National meeting, Royal Arena, 4th of November, Copenhagen.

Latest talks: 

Wednesday 3rd of May: Topical Island, Walk.Agency, Aarhus.

Wednesday 10th of May: FSC annual meeting, Salling Rooftop, Aarhus.

Friday 5th of May, SPOT festival, Aarhus.

Friday 16t of June: Folkemødet, Bornholm.

Mon-Wed 27-29th of March. GreenPantherSummit, Belgium.

Thursday 13th of April: DGI-huset, Aarhus.

Friday 10th of February: X29 Studio, Aarhus.

Kulturmødet, Mors, DK

Klimafolkemødet, Midddelfart, DK

Wonderful Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK

Tbilisi Architecture Biennale, Georgia

Aarhus er en ungdoms- og kulturby, Aarhus, DK

Boye22, conference, Aarhus, DK

Jacob Bjørn Gallery, Aarhus, DK

V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK


Årskonferencen for klimaindsatsen, Aarhus, DK



International speaker
, with talks in countries like: 

Germany, Berlin

Italy, Torino

Norway, Bergen

Denmark, +++ 

UK, London

Belgium, Bruxelles

Cyprus, Pafos

Geogia, Tbilisi

Egypt (online)